Eric James

Personal Trainer


Eric’s powerful sessions are designed using years and years of research, dedication and hard work. He provides you the information, steps and techniques that we know will help you get the real results that you desperately need the most in getting the body you want. He doesn’t believe in offering cookie cutter plans and will provide quick, discreet and affordable rates, designed to meet your needs.

Personal Trainer 1998 – Present
Semi Pro Football 2004 – 2012
HS Football Coach 2003 – 2013
HS Track Coach 2003 – 2013
HS Basketball Coach 2003 – 2013

ASFA Certified
CPR/ AED Certified
NAFT Sports Nutrition Certified
(2) Army Achievement Medal
(2) Army Good Conduct Medal
Army Accommodation Medal

Endurance Training
Muscle Mass Gaining & Weight Loss
Functional Training
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
Form and Technique Education
Women’s Fitness

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    I came to Eric unhappy with my body & my self confidence was shot. I freaked out with box jumps, not a runner, and had a weak shoulder.  3 months later I was down a pants size, trail running in the mountains, conquering box jumps, lifting heavier and competing in the Rugged Maniac.  I couldn't have done it with out Eric's constant encouragement and pushing me! Thank you.

    Taylor Janulewicz

    I was experiencing fatigue, continued weight gain, loss of motivation. Yes, I tried just about all of the get slim quick diets and programs.   I don't have weight gain, I am gaining more muscle, and most importantly motivation to keep coming back.  Eric is great. He gives the motivation to push through when its hard and fight to keep going. The flexibility of the schedule, the inspiration and motivation to want to get healthy, and fun I have - you work hard, but you can still smile after. I have worked with trainers before, this is the first time I've worked with someone who I genuinely is fighting with me to be better. The program is the best I have seen. There is a lot of variety and he keeps you on your toes.

    Natasha Harris

    Eric is a truly excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough ("Eric, you are KILLING me!") and warm ("Erica, you are doing SO well"), and he works with the whole person -- mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of his efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun. I recommend Trainers Club without reservation.


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