Ovid Goulbourne

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Ovid Goulbourne is ISSA certified in strength and conditioning Level II, senior fitness and youth fitness, NASM certified in performance enhancement, NASE certified in speed and explosion, and holds CPR and AED certifications. As an independent trainer for the past two years, Ovid has helped those he has trained reach a wide variety of fitness goals, including strength training, speed and agility, balance and functional training, core training, flexibility and injury prevention. His 10 total years of experience also includes working with paraplegics as a Physical Rehabilitation Specialist at Mobility Fitness Institute in Tucson, and student-athletes at the University of Arizona and University of Michigan. As a strength and conditioning coach for the Arizona Wildcats football and women’s golf programs, Ovid played a critical role in the football team winning two bowl championships and securing the 2014 Pac-12 South Championship before their Fiesta Bowl appearance. In addition, he saw his women’s golf athletes win the team 2015 Pac-12 Championship and had individuals qualify for the NCAA Championship each year. At the University of Michigan, Ovid worked primarily with the alum in the NFL during their offseason on their physical development.

Ovid earned his Master’s degree in exercise science and health promotion from California University of Pennsylvania in 2016 and his Bachelor’s degree in business administration, communication, sport and exercise physiology, and personal training from West Virginia University in 2009. He also played linebacker for the WVU football team, earning five bowl championships.



    As a current professional football player I have been around many strength coaches and trainers from all across the country. I could honestly say that Ovid was one of the best coaches that I’ve had the opportunity to work with. He motivated me during every workout and pushed me beyond the limitations that I thought I had. He not only trained me hard but also made sure I knew exactly what I was doing, why I was doing it, and that I knew how to do it properly. I definitely contribute part of my success as an athlete to my time spent with Ovid. One of the best in the country and I look forward to training with him in the future!

    Reggie Gilbert

    Green Bay Packers

    Even though a lot of people don't realize it, fitness is imperative for a golfer. Golfers twist and turn their bodies in an unnatural motion sometimes up to a thousand times a day. I am no exception and with this many swings a day, preventing injury and fitness are extremely important. I trained with Ovid for two years while I played golf for the U of A. It was obvious that he put in the research necessary to make sure that our workout program was suitable for a golfer. He developed a program for us that focused on our core and generating explosive power (most of a golfer's power comes from the ground; Ovid understood this and incorporated this aspect into our workouts). He not only was a great motivator in the gym, but he listened to our feedback and continued to better our workouts by accommodating our individual needs. After two full years of working out with Ovid, I noticed a dramatic change in my body. Like most golfers, I struggled with lower back pain for quite a while, however, after working with Ovid I noticed a substantial decrease of that lower back pain due to how much stronger my core had gotten over time. Overall, Ovid made a huge difference in my golf game. Not only did he make me stronger and allowed me to gain distance with my clubs, but most importantly he was able to prevent future injuries that could have been detrimental to my game. 


    I was introduced to Trainer's Club a few months ago based on reconnecting with a client I haven't seen for a while.  As a result, I started visiting the gym and got to know a few of the trainer's and connected with Ovid Goulbourne.   Ovid and I connected based on both coming from the East Coast and having played our respective sport at a high level through High School and College, the difference is... Ovid went on to the pro ranks and I went to work. That said, over the years I kept myself in relatively good shape for through my early 40's however as life took over and my focus was on providing for a better life for my family, I woke up at 56 grossly out of shape. All that said, I made a decision to change my world based on a few conversations with Ovid.  As a result, I went back in to workout and get back in shape knowing this process would not be a quick fix, but a lifestyle change. Maybe for me, the timing was right, my oldest son graduated a year prior and my youngest will be graduating for the U of A this year.  In thinking about this, and working hard to help them through school, I realized it would be tragic if I was not around to enjoy spending time with both of them as they enter the next phase of their lives.That is my “why”. Surprisingly, as I started working out with Ovid, he understood how to build on making me stronger through a series of exercises I could have never imagined prior to entering an unrealistic workout program.  Long story short, anyone that was an athlete in high school, college and/or at the pro level that has let themselves go - and you know who you are - that want a trainer that knows his stuff, my suggestion is to call Ovid.  He knows what he is doing, and based on my results thus far, if you bring your A game he will create a personalized program for you find your way back to the fitness level you now think about... Bottom Line, if your serious about getting the results you want - Call Ovid

    Darren Grady

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