Stepping on a scale can quickly determine one’s mood, especially if they have been working out and the scale seems to be moving slowly. To many, the scale seems to determine our sense of health and worthiness. This is when the relationship between you and your personal trainer becomes serious. Your personal trainer is educated and trained to understand that a number on a scale does not determine one’s level of fitness. When your trainer develops your personalized work out program, they take into account the goals that you want to reach in a time frame that you want to reach it.

So, what about that magic number? That magic number on the scale that you feel you need to reach to be happy? A personal trainer knows that they can help you reach your fitness goals without a number. They measure your success on more than just a scale, they look at inches lost, fat mass reduction and so much more. As you see the changes happening with your strengthening, flexibility, and overall health, that scale and its magic number will soon become a distant memory.